The statue located outside of the United Center in Chicago was vandalized Monday morning.

The statue which has since been removed and sent in for repair featured a picture of the team's logo, pictures of alumni and list of names.

The statue was defaced with graffiti and bright paint was seen on the logo. Pictures appeared on the twitter handle @zhigaagoong which is a Native American phrase referring to the area around Chicago.

The Blackhawks had received backlash for deciding to not change their name after the Washington Football Team decided to remove the "Redskins" from the name in July. The team had also announced that they would not allow Native American headdresses to be worn inside the arena and would make more attempt to support Native American community organizations in Illinois.

Bright colored paint was splashed over the logo and the words "land back" was spray painted on the names list on the statue. Other phrases accusing the Blackhawks of being racist towards Native Americans was spray painted around the statue.

The local authorities are still searching for the vandals.

source: chicagosuntimes
OCTOBER 13, 2020  (22H40)