Feb 22, 2021 à 18h00      MIKE ARMENTI
One year ago, if you told David Ayres, the zamboni driver for the AHL's Toronto Marlies, that he would be called into action as an emergency backup goaltender for the Carolina Hurricanes against the Toronto Maple Leafs on February 22nd, 2020, he would probably have called you crazy. If you told him he would win the game, he'd probably advise you to seek help. And if you told him that Disney would be making a movie about one of the biggest moments, if not the biggest of his life, he'd probably drive you to the hospital himself, but that's exactly what is in the works, according to Ayres himself.

Much to the dismay of the millions of Maple Leafs fans who would much rather forget that the entire event ever occurred, the story will live on in infamy. But to the rest of the hockey world, there is sure to be a lot of excitement about perhaps one of the greatest hockey stories being immortalized on the big screen.

According to Sportsnet's Luke Fox, shortly following Ayres' big win, he was contacted by comedian James Corden about shooting a movie around the inspiring story. Following a conversation with Corden, Ayres reached out to Creative Artists Agency, who confirmed that no less than 24 production companies wanted to make it happen.

"(CAA) said to me, 'You wouldn't believe the amount of production companies that have come to us already asking to do this film. It's insane,'" Ayres said. "They narrowed it down to 24 at one point, and then we narrowed it down to 12. We listened to 12 pitches from all the different people.

"That's how the whole Disney thing came about. So, we'll see what happens. A little slow now with COVID, but once we get the ball rolling, it'll be fine. Once we start writing it, I think they'll go two years from there."

As of this moment, Ayres is expected to carry the title of Producer, and will work with writers to help develop the script.

Ayres has not taken his new-found fame lightly, as he's made plenty of public appearances and worked tirelessly with the different media outlets and at all sorts of events to raise money for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Ayres has always maintained a positive attitude and put in a good honest effort and worked hard for everything he has - a contributing factor, along with a little luck, he says, in how he got to where he is now.

"It just lets you know, anything you try in life, you can achieve it," Ayres said. "You put a lot of hard work and get a couple lucky bounces here and there, and things will go your way - as long as you stay positive."

The Ayres story is definitely one that would have been remembered regardless of whether or not a movie was made. Nevertheless, it's a wonderful honor for Ayres and his family and is definitely something that a good man like David truly deserves.

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