Restricted free agent Max Domi caused quite a stir recently when any references to Montreal were removed from his social media bios. Many began speculating that the 25-year-old wanted a trade. In a new interview with Sportsnet, Domi's agent Darren Ferris insisted that's not the case.

"He was very distraught by the comments many made when he returned home to Toronto and his location was changed on his social media from ‘MTL,’" Ferris said. "It wasn’t a statement of discontent with Montreal; it was simply a young man on social media changing the location to where he was residing. If he were in Florida on vacation, he would’ve put Florida.

"That’s how crazy it is. It’s shameful that some in the media would portray this as a slight against Montreal or the Canadiens. This is a talented young man that only dreamed his whole life to have the opportunity to play on a Canadian team."

Ferris added Domi's desire is to play for Montreal and he has no interest in playing anywhere else. As for whether Domi wouldn't want to stay in Montreal if he can't play centre, Ferris said there's no issue there.

"Max will play goalie if the coach asks him to," Ferris said

Domi's first season in Montreal as his best in the NHL so far. His 72 points led the team. He took a step back this season, getting 44 points (17 goals, 27 assists) in 71 games, and saw his role diminished somewhat in the playoffs. Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin believes Domi can bounce back.

"Max is a very intelligent player and he’s able to sit down, watch his games and see things. A thing that popped to my eyes — and he agreed, too — was that his difficulty this season is that Max is a player that has power and skill and, in his first year, he played more power ahead of skill, but this year he played more with skill and less with power. He needs to get back to playing with power before skill. He battled with that the whole year and I think it’s the reason he had a harder season."

Source: Sportsnet
SEPTEMBER 26, 2020  (9H53)