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A very unusual story has surfaced surrounding the Carolina Hurricanes, the NHL and Private Jet Services, as a man by the name of Dawson Buchanan, a travel coordinator for President Donald Trump's reelection campaign, is alleging that PJS terminated his employment at the demand of the NHL for his involvement with the Trump campaign.

According to Buchanan in a social media post, he was set to become the Carolina Hurricanes' new travel concierge at the time of his dismissal, which he claims is due to Private Jet Services' own financial gain.

"Instead of standing up for me, instead of explaining to the NHL that I, as a person, am not solely defined by my previous work on the Trump campaign, they fired me for their own company's financial gain," said Buchanan.

What makes this story so bizarre is that the company in question (PJS) claims that they have never directly employed Buchanan and tha, although conversations did take place about a possible business arrangement, nothing came to fruition due to timing issues.

"Mr. Buchanan was never an employee of our company, ever, at any time. The story was a complete fabrication," said a PJS executive.

The Carolina Hurricanes addressed the allegations in a statement, claiming that they knew nothing of Buchanan prior to his claims on his social media accounts.

"The Carolina Hurricanes rely on PJS to hire staff for our air travel," the team said on Wednesday. "Until Mr. Buchanan's social media posts Tuesday night, the Hurricanes knew nothing about him. We will not be commenting further."

The NHL made a similar statement through a spokesperson, calling the allegations "categorically untrue" and echoed the Carolina Hurricanes' sentiments that until the news broke, the NHL had never heard of him.

Buchanan claims that he was in possession of some evidence, which was saved in his corporate email account, however since his firing, he claims that he has been locked out of the account.

Very strange to say the least.

JANUARY 13, 2021  (22H31)