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Former NHL enforcer John Scott is not holding back when it comes to a letter written to fans by the Chicago Blackhawks. Scott, who played parts of two seasons in Chicago, called the letter embarrassing , weak and soft.

"The fact that they are just giving in to their fan base and having to write that letter is embarrassing," Scott said on his "Dropping the Gloves" podcast Thursday.

"You shouldn't have to explain your moves to Twitter trolls just because you made a couple trades," he continued. "It just looks weak. It looks soft. I don't like it."

The Blackhawks recently parted with two members who were a part of the team's core when it won Stanley Cups in this decade; Cory Crawford and Brandon Saad. Following the trades, and complaints by fans and team members like captain Johnathan Toews, Chicago released a letter to its fans admitting the team was going through a rebuild and pleading for patience.

"I would be upset if I were Toews or (Patrick) Kane, I would be embarrassed if I was the organization, and if I was a fan, I'd be like, 'Great, I complained and they answered me, so guess what? I'm going to complain some more and they better answer me again or else I'm going to be super upset," Scott said regarding the letter.

Scott added that he believes the letter never would have been written had had former team president John McDonough still been with the organization. The Blackhawks fired McDonough in April and replaced him with Danny Wirtz, the son of owner Rocky Wirtz.

Source: The Score

OCTOBER 24, 2020  (16H30)