Tommy Salo is a name many hockey fans will recognize. He had a lengthy career as an NHL goaltender, mostly with the New York Islanders and Edmonton Oilers, although he also had a brief stint with the Colorado Avalanche. Unfortunately, Salo's name in back in the headlines in his home country of Sweden for all the wrong reasons.

According to several reports out of Sweden, Salo has been charged with aggravated drunk driving following an incident back in August, although details are just coming to light now after court documents were officially filed. According to the police report, witnesses noticed a car driving at a slow speed and in the centre of the highway before it stopped. Someone approached the vehicle and noticed the driver was asleep and attempts to wake him were unsuccessful for some time.

According to the documents, Salo allegedly told police he had been drinking large amounts of alcohol for several days. The police documents also state Salo told them on the day in question, he stopped driving several times to take shots before starting up again. His blood alcohol content was 3.06, well above the legal driving limit of 1.0 in Sweden and considered heavy intoxication. In fact, that level is not far from what is considered potentially fatal levels of alcohol in the blood. The "aggravated drunk driving" charge could see Salo imprisoned for up to two years.

Salo, now 49, was a fifth round draft pick of the New York Islanders back in 1993. Between New York, the Oilers and the Avs, he played a total of 526 NHL games, with a career goals against average of 2.55 and a save percentage of .905. Salo also represented Sweden on the international level in several tournaments, and won an Olympic gold medal with the team in 1994 and a World Championship in 1998. Since retiring from playing, Salo has been involved in hockey at the executive level in Sweden.

OCTOBER 15, 2020  (9H42)