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Back a few years ago when the Montreal Canadiens selected Alexander Romanov 38th overall in the 2018 NHL Draft, many people were surprised to say the least.

Eyebrows were raised and Romanov was considered a big time reach. Although, it was understandable because of the varying pre-Draft rankings. The Russian defenseman was ranked somewhere between the 4th and 7th rounds by the majority of the polls. In fact, on the day of the draft, he was ranked no. 115 among European skaters by NHL Central Scouting.

Many teams thought that the prospect had the talent to be an early second round selection, but only one team truly believed in him: the Montreal Canadiens. Romanov was not invited to the NHL’s combine, but the Canadiens invited him to their European combine. That was a major step in him being taken so early in the draft.

Romanov earned the nickname “The Assassin” because of his dynamic approach to defending. One scout went to the lengths to explain that Romanov is the kind of player who shows up to kill any offensive opportunities his opponents create. The consistency of his play is at a much higher level than his peers, which is usually a weakness of young defensemen.

The Canadiens will likely give him an opportunity to earn a roster spot at training camp, but like any other prospect, his roster spot is not a guarantee. It is yet to be seen if Romanov will develop into a top-4 defenseman, but he certainly carries the type of strength, hockey IQ, and skillset that could accumulate to excellence at the NHL level. If this turns out to be true, his draft selection two years ago won’t look nearly as surprising as it once did.

NOVEMBER 26, 2020  (15H20)