Welcome to the playoff party Miami. It's been a minute sine they got invited, but now they are there and ready to prove they belong. It is not just the day they make it back to the playoffs though. It is a day that all of Miami remembers vividly. Any true Marlins fan can tell you where they were the day they found out Jose Fernandez had tragically passed. The young righty passed four years ago in a boating incident. The baseball world was sent into a shock. No one knew what to do or what to think. The Marlins were heartbroken as a franchise, as everyone missed what could only be described as one of the team's favorite players to be around. He was said to always have a smile on his face, and he was always pushing himself to be better on the field.

The Marlins still have that weighing heavy on their minds. Even guys who didn't get to play with him know how much he meant to that franchise. In the playoffs this year, they will be using that and the doubt that people put on them to inspire themselves. It has been a struggle since that miraculous 2003 season as the Florida Marlins. This is just the third time they will finish second in the division, and they have never finished first in the division. Something else that is on their side and that they are surely thinking about, the Marlins have only made the playoffs twice before this, and they won the World Series both years. Be on the lookout for Miami this year, as they could be this year's Nationals. Underrated, underappreciated, and a chip on their shoulder, the Marlins are coming for blood.
SEPTEMBER 26, 2020  (18H57)