Anyone who watches hockey knows that players will try to play through just about anything to help their team, especially when they're battling it out in the Stanley Cup playoffs hoping to win hockey's greatest prize. However, a video released by the NHL two days ago highlighting the injuries several players have faced throughout five rounds (qualifiers plus the usual four rounds) of the 2020 playoffs has been wiped from the internet after the league received several complaints.

The video was entitled "There's a Price to Pay" and showed several players sitting on the bench in pain, some with cuts, others bleeding and some being helped off the ice. Once released on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, the NHL received backlash from many fans pointing out that the league should not be highlighting the hurt that players face while still playing. That message becomes especially poignant in light of a new documentary by TSN called "The Problem of Pain" which interviews a number of NHL players who turned to pain medication to deal with injuries so they could continue to hit the ice and play with teammates.

"I had holes in my colon and ulcers, and basically my whole intestines went into spasm. It's very unpleasant. You've gotta go to the bathroom 30-40 times a day," said Ryan Kesler of the Anahiem Ducks in the documentary. "And when you do go to the bathroom, it's pure blood. It depletes you. It's terrible. And it's all because I wasn't made aware of what this drug could potentially do to me."

"I never wanted to hurt the team, so I knew I had to play. To play, you have to take painkillers," Kesler added. (You can read the full story here).

While the NHL has made no official statement regarding the removal of the video, it's a safe bet that the backlash received was the reason for it. We'd love to show you a copy, but it is currently nowhere to be found.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020  (12H32)