The Colorado Rockies announced that superstar third baseman Nolan Arenado will be put on the ten day injured list, which will end his regular season. While the Rockies are not eliminated from the playoffs, the chances of them making it are unlikely, as they are currently tenth in the NL. They have to be eighth or better to make the playoffs this year. They are on their way to finishing fourth in the NL West for the second year in a row though. They had a .438 winning percentage last year, and they are currently at a .453 win percentage this year.

This is not Arenado's fault though, as he is arguably the game's top third baseman. Since entering the league in 2013, he has seven Gold Gloves, four Silver Sluggers, is a five-time All-Star, and has finished top eight in MVP voting five times, with his highest finish being third. He has led the NL in games played once, doubles once, home runs three times, and led the entire league in RBI's twice. He is also known for his ridiculous highlight plays, where he makes barehand catches and throws on the run look easy.

With multiple All-Stars alongside him in the field, it is easy to point at the Rockies pitching staff for their lack of success. Since joining the league in 1993, the Rockies have not had a team ERA lower than 4.14 in a season. For comparison in the NL West, the Dodgers' lowest in that time is 3.16, the Padres' is 3.27, the Giants' is 3.20, and the Diamondbacks' is 3.72, and that is in four less seasons in the league. Blame it on the air quality if you want to, but the Rockies need to figure something out on their pitching staff if they ever want to win a World Series, or at this point even be competitive again.
SEPTEMBER 22, 2020  (22H32)