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With the passing of each new day, the NHL's proposal to start the 2020-21 season on January 1st is looking less and less likely. Things like travel from different countries requires quarantining, while there still needs to be ample time for training camps. Another wrench has now been thrown into those plans. According to Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman, a new proposal on salaries by the league has players feel angry and betrayed.

"If anyone was hoping major details about the 2020-21 season would be settled by the weekend — yeah, that’s not happening. My personal belief is that if the season is to begin Jan. 1, a deal needs to be reached by the end of the month. Hopefully sooner, but if some things have to be rushed, they’ll be rushed," Friedman wrote following a conference call Wednesday between the NHL and 80 to 100 players.

"Wednesday’s events knocked things off course, and the players will need a few days to regroup. They are angry and feel betrayed," he continued.

At issue is the fact that just four months ago, players agreed to a 10-per cent deferral of salary for the upcoming year, with 20 percent going to escrow. However, the league is now proposing that players defer 20 percent of their salaries, with escrow going to 25 percent for next season. An alternative proposal asked for deferred compensation to be raised to 26 per cent for next season. Escrow was not touched until years four-to-six of the CBA, rising from six per cent to between 8.5 and nine.

"There were audible gasps when this was presented," a player on the call told Friedman.

If the league and players cannot clear this hurdle, we could be waiting a while for any hockey to be played. Friedman stated he believes a deal will eventually get done, but discussions have "been knocked off course." What it will take to get them back on course remains to be seen.

Source: Sportsnet
NOVEMBER 19, 2020  (9H40)