Marco Rossi did not take long to make an impression on Minnesota Wild fans and other NHL organizations. Less than an hour after being drafted, he came out with a bold statement after being asked when he believes he will be ready to make his NHL debut.

“I’m ready, 100 percent.” He said after being selected 9th overall.

Rossi thinks that he is a perfect fit, since the Wild need a center and he is a center who is 100 percent ready.

As shown with these statements, Rossi is a very confident player who has had a lot of success in his young career. Last season in the OHL, he scored 120 points (39 goals, 81 assists) in just 56 games.

Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin also expressed his excitement in bringing Rossi onto the team.

"He's got a swagger to him," Wild general manager Bill Guerin said. "He believes in himself. He's going to bet on himself. If he can come in and play well enough, he can make the team. If not, we'll figure out what's best for him. I like that he has the confidence."

Rossi does not lack motivation or toughness at all, and it also helps that he has been playing a high level for such a long time.

Rossi’s father Michael also played professionally in Austria, where he was a defenseman for 20 years. Michael knows the pains and gains of professional hockey, and like his son, he also believes he can make an immediate impact.

“I think Marco is 100 percent ready,” Michael said.

We will see in the coming months if the father and son are correct, as the NHL season is planned to start on January 1, 2021.
OCTOBER 14, 2020  (16H20)