For the last few days, there has been quite a bit of talk about the St. Louis Blues having an issue with the signing of their former captain Alex Pietrangelo by the Vegas Golden Knights. In fact, St. Louis was said to be so upset by the way things went down that the team was considering filing a tampering charge against Vegas with the NHL.

The idea of a grievance being filed appears to have been brought up first by Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman and furthered by Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic. Tampering would allege that Vegas had reached out to Pietrangelo to discuss a contract before he officially became a free agent on October 9th. As an example, Wayne Simmonds was said to be negotiating with Toronto before October 9th, but he had permission from Buffalo to do so, something that was never mentioned when it came to the Pietrangelo situation. Rutherford has since provided an update.

"There's been a lot of speculation about the Blues filing tampering charges against Vegas re: Alex Pietrangelo. I've been monitoring the situation for weeks and what I know is there's nothing going on at this point regarding any action," said Rutherford.

Greg Wyshynski of ESPN also weighed in.

"To further reporting by [Elliotte Friedman] and [Jeremy Rutherford] on rumors of Blues tampering charge against VGK on Pietrangelo - they've been swirling for weeks. I reached out to [deputy commissioner] Bill Daly on Oct. 1 on anything filed or that he had heard could be filed, and he said 'nope'."

Friedman did state in a recent 31 Thoughts article that the New York Islanders had filed a tampering charge against the Toronto Maple Leafs when John Tavares was signed as a free agent. However, it went nowhere. It appears all the talk about a grievance in the Pietrangelo signing may be just that - talk. However, there is still time if Vegas insists on doing so.

Pietrangelo signed a seven-year deal with the Vegas Golden Knights this week with an AAV of $8.8 million.

OCTOBER 14, 2020  (12H33)