Fortnite being blamed for another player's shortcomings

10 décembre 2019
When Patrik Laine sputtered with the Winnipeg Jets last season, many were quick to point the finger at his love for the video game Fortnite. Laine would apparently take his console on the road with him and spend any time away from the rink engrossed in online gaming tournaments. Now, the game is being brought up again as another young player is having trouble making a mark in the NHL.

Montreal's Ryan Poehling has publicly talked about his love for Fortnite. In this video he talks about how he was playing the game when he got the call that he would be joining the Habs in Montreal in early November. It turned into a four-game stint with the big club. The former first-round draft pick (25th overall in 2017) failed to register a single point and was sent back down to Laval in the AHL where he's been ever since.

The Canadiens are currently battling through some injuries and many thought it would be the 20-year-old Poehling who would get the call back up to the Habs to help fill in. However, it was Riley Barber who was promoted instead. Barber, 25, currently has seven more points than Poehling at the AHL level while playing fewer games. This became a topic of discussion recently on the French-language show JiC on TVA, where host Jean-Charles Lajoie pointed the finger at Fortnite.

"The team is not satisfied with the effort deployed, which is not consistent or sustained," said Lajoie.

"He must learn to become a professional. A professional does not try to win a Fortnite tournament night after night in the motel room. "

After returning to Laval from Montreal, Poehling went on a streak where he put up points in just one out of eight games that he played. Since then, however, he's turned it around getting five points in his last four.

"When he behaves like a good professional and puts points on the board (consistently), he'll be called back," said Lajoie. "The Canadiens will not get rid of Ryan Poehling."

By the way, Laine told a Finnish news outlet in October that he's no longer bringing his console on the road with him in order to play Fortnite at the hotel. You can view that article here.

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