MARCH 21, 2020  ·  21H11
After being arguably the best team ever built since the 2014-2015 season (3 championships), the Golden State Warriors have had a bit of a downfall. With Kevin Durant gone (Brooklyn Nets) and the injury in the finals against the Raptors of Klay Thompson, we were not seeing them as good as they once were, but still a top tier team. Plus, they added D'Angelo Russell to the squad, an All-star caliber guard who would match well with the Steve Kerr system, or so we thought...

The season begins and the hopes are high. After only nine games, Stephen Curry broke his left hand and everything fell apart. Russell and Draymond Green, the Warriors' most important pieces, were just not enough to win games. It is true they didn't have the best lineup ever, but still a pretty disappointing season. Before the trade deadline, the Warriors office decided to trade D'Angelo Russell for Andrew Wiggins (Minnesota Timberwolves) and some protected picks, I didn't see it as a good trade for them because Wiggins is a high volume shooter, and not an efficient one, not the best defender nor is he a leader, but time may prove me wrong. Not a long time after this major trade, the NBA decided to suspend their season due to the epidemia of the COVID-19. The Warriors were the worst team in the league, with a 15-50 record.

This is where it gets pretty interesting. Even if the NBA continues this season at the right moment, the Warriors will still have a pretty good draft pick. If the plan is still to be in championship mode like the GM Bob Myers said at multiple times, they would probably take a big man to complete their starting lineup right away. This big man would most certainly be James Wiseman, who was seen as the first overall pick before leaving the NCAA (problems with the Association). Just imagine a lineup of :

PG- Stephen Curry: the two times MVP will still most certainly be one of the best players in the league. A natural leader, winner and the best shooter the league has ever seen.

SG- Klay Thompson: The other member of the « Splash Brothers», a top tier perimeter defender who cand drown the three from anywhere in the offensive zone. He is a huge part of the Warriors' dynasty.

SF- Andrew Wiggins: The 2014 first overall pick has never really hit the ceiling we thought he would, maybe he'll become more efficient in Steve Kerr's gameplan and by playing with superstars.

PF- Draymond Green: The one time Defensive player of the year was having a tough year in the offensive zone but still did the job at the other end. He can space the floor and always had an excellent connection with Thompson and Curry, which had them go for three championships.

C- James Wiseman: An all-around beast. Even if they land the first overall pick, I'd suggest to them to step back, take assets of a team whose really in need of a franchise player and take a big man, even if it isn't Wiseman.

And even tough they take another direction, pick Edwards, Lamelo Ball, Killin Hayes or etc.. They'll come back to the top in the 2020-21 season. Even without a "good" center, they'll find a way to win because they always have. There's always the free agency where you can sign players at minimum wage, minor trades or other ways. They could also try to get Eric Paschall in the starting lineup by playing either him or Draymond at center, it would look a lot like the Houston Rockets lineup at the moment with PJ Tucker (6 foot 5) as the big man.

Just to mention, even before Kevin Durant joined the team, they were becoming a dynasty with Curry, Thompson and Green as the leaders. In 2014-15, the Warriors went 67-15 and won the Larry O'Brien. The year after that, they had the best record in league's history by going 73-9, even tough they lost to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals, it is pretty impressive. Then Kevin Durant signed with them, won two straight championships and lost to the Toronto Raptors in 6 last year with Durant and Thompson out.

The Warriors aren't done until Stephen Curry is. He's a winner and still needs a Finals MVP award to be considered as allegebly the best or second best point guard in NBA history behind Magic Johnson, still all talk.
Will the Warriors bounce back?
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