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Will Sebastian Aho meet with other teams?

june 25, 2019
According to "Complete Hockey News", Hurricanes GM Don Waddel has reportedly offered an eight-year, $6 million contract to Finnish forward Sebastian Aho. This offer was not accepted by the Aho clan, whose demands seem to be much higher.

According to some informations, Aho and his agent would be looking for a contract of about eight years, turning around $9-9.5 million.

The discussion window between NHL teams and future independent free agents opened last Sunday (June 23). The one for restricted free agents begins tomorrow, June 26. Sebastian Aho being a restricted free agent, given the expiry of his NHL entry contract, may be tempted to meet other teams for a potential hostile bid.

Aho, 21, has just finished the season with a score of 83 points (30 goals and 53 assists) in 82 games. He also registered 12 points (five goals and seven assists) in 15 playoff games. Comparisons are easy to make, while Jeff Skinner, a 63-point scorer this season, has signed a deal worth $9M per season. The Hurricanes offer, worth $6M annually, is close to ridiculous, considering that Aho has only made progress in points since his NHL debut in 2016 (49 points, 65 points and 83 points in his last three seasons).

Hurricanes second round pick (35th overall) in the 2015 draft, Sebastian Aho is far from an agreement with Carolina for next season. It is clear that a team will be willing to pay more for his services, remains to be seen how much. If a team decides to offer him a hostile offer and Aho accepts, the Hurricanes will have seven days to match the offer. Waddell has a little less than $24.7 million projected under cap space, so it would not be a surprise to see the Hurricanes match a hostile bid.

It remains to be seen whether Aho will decide to explore his options elsewhere, or whether a new Canes offer will come up by July 1st.
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