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Cole Caufield could stay in Canada for the upcoming season

june 26, 2019
The Canadiens first pick at the latest NHL draft, Cole Caufield, is simply the man of the day in the Habs entourage. Whether on television, in newspapers or on social networks, his name appears everywhere.

The young man is very confident and he doesn't hide his desire to play in the NHL as soon as possible. However, if he goes in the NCAA, he can't play in the Habs training camp in september, which removes him all chances to evolve in Montreal this year.

Three options are available for him :

1- Go back to the University of Wisconsin and forget the NHL for, at least, a year

2- Go play in the OHL (Sault Ste Marie)

3- Impress enough to break the Canadiens’s roster

If he decides to go into the OHL, Caufield could take part in the NHL training camp and he would have the opportunity to play more games than in the NCAA.

Cole said he wanted to wait until the end of the development camp before making his decision. It remains to be seen what decision he will take.

To be continued...
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