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Luongo not entirely done with hockey

september 17, 2019
Even though he was a 19-year veteran at the time, Roberto Luongo's retirement in June of this year was still a bit of a shock as it seemed to come out of nowhere. What's likely less shocking is that, while no longer between the pipes, the six-time NHL All-Star isn't ready to entirely leave the sport behind at this time.

Luongo will be in attendance to represent the Florida Panthers, a team he played for over the course of 11 NHL seasons, at the Kraft Hockeyville game in Renous, New Brunswick Wednesday Night. He's been attending practices with management in the attempt to learn all aspects of hockey operations. He's essentially being groomed for a position with the team's front office, although it's not quite clear yet exactly what that position will be.

"I want to take in as much as I can and feel my way through and then eventually decide what I want to do," Luongo told

The fact the team is willing to work with him to figure out what he'd be best at is a pretty good indication of his value and standing with the Panthers.

"We're kind of just feeling each other out and seeing what's going to be best suited for [Luongo] and what is best for everybody," Florida general manager Dale Tallon told "How could you not have Luongo, Pronger and McCabe in your front office? How could you not want them in this room talking hockey? I think that makes me a smarter guy. I learn from them, and I think it's a great advantage for us to have them.

"He's got a great view of the game and got a great assessment to what he sees," said Florida's head coach Joel Quenneville "He's got some familiarity with some of these guys as well and talking to him a little bit on that can help us."

As for Florida's new number one goalie, Sergei Bobrovsky, Luongo says he's just as excited as everyone else to see what he brings to the team.

"I mean, obviously if he's got any questions or whatever, I'd be more than happy to help. But he's been there. He knows what to do. I don't want to mess with whatever he does. We have a goalie coach."

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