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Brawl at Russian hockey game leads to lifetime bans; matter turned over to police

september 17, 2019
A huge brawl that ignited at an amateur hockey game at Flamingo Arena in Novosibirsk, Russia on Sunday has resulted in lifetime bans for at least two players and the matter being turned over to local police to see if charges will be laid against anyone involved. You can watch the video of the fight below.

The brawl apparently broke out after two players from local teams, Drive-2 and Crystal ObGES-2, got into a scuffle on the ice which resulted in game misconducts. The player shown in the video is one of the players involved in the original fight on the ice. He was apparently followed and attacked by players from the opposing team who were not dressed for the game.

According to the local ice hockey federation: "Nikita Folomkin and Mikhail Rybakov (Crystal Obges 2"), who took an active part in the beating of Vladimir Tragicheskogo, are punished with life-time suspensions from competitions under the auspices of the FHR (Russian Hockey Federation - ed.)"

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Tragicheskogo and Vladimir Redkokashu are suspended for the remainder of the league's regular season.

The president of the Novosibirsk Region Hockey Federation, Yuri Karandin, told a media outlet that the organization strongly condemns the incident and takes the toughest measures against violators to prevent this from happening again. The police department in the Novosibirsk Region is also checking video and taking statement to see if charges should be laid.

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