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Mika Zibanejad with an awesome gesture for a young fan

october 7, 2019
To say that things are going well at the beginning of the season for Mika Zibanejad would not do him justice. The Swedish forward is simply on fire with the Rangers with eight points in two games so far; four goals and four assists. Back in Ottawa for Saturday's game, the former Sens first-round pick put on a hockey clinic in front of his old team.

This visit to Ottawa was also an opportunity for Senators fans to reconnect with their former forward. The trade for Derick Brassard dates back to 2016, but many regulars in Ottawa have not forgotten Swede's spirit.

For example, this young supporter really wanted a selfie with Zibanejad, and showed it in a big way by sticking his sign on the window during the warm-up. Fortunately for him, Zibanejad passed by and was in a good mood.

A great memory for the young man and his face after the selfie says it all; tears of joy. We can assume the boy was not thrilled with the Senators' defeat, but Zibanejad's four points probably thrilled a few people in attendance anyway.
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