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Laine says he's cutting back on the video games

october 8, 2019
Winnipeg sniper Patrik Laine took a lot of criticism from media and fans for an apparent obsession with video games, in particular the online, battle royale game Fortnite. Many felt it was taking his focus away from the game of hockey. It appears that message has been received by the 21-year-old.

In an interview with a Finnish media outlet, Laine says he no longer takes a video game console on the road with him as he did all last season. Instead, he's choosing to watch hockey games from all over the world in his downtime back at the hotel. In particular, he mentions the KHL and SM-Liiga (Finnish Elite League).

Laine also adds that, even though he no longer has to room with anyone on the road (players usually have to share a hotel room until their entry-level contract is up), he's choosing to room with Jets' newcomer, 18-year-old Ville Heinola. Laine says he thought he'd be "a nice guy" and show Heinola how things work on the road in the NHL.

Laine also states he's focusing his game on not just scoring, put putting added pressure on opponents while forechecking, going into tough places and digging out loose pucks. It sounds like Laine may be maturing in his fourth season in the NHL.

Source: Ilta-Sanomat
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