Evander Kane and Ryan Reaves are at it again

3 novembre 2019
What has become arguably the best new feud in the NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights and San Jose Sharks, has been primarily fueled by the bad boys of the teams, San Jose’s Evander Kane and Vegas’ Ryan Reaves.

The tension between the two forwards already has a few memorable moments in its past, the Muffin Man chirp, the wedding shoutout in which Reaves referred to himself as “Evander Kane’s worst nightmare,” and of course, the moment everybody wanted, in which the two dropped gloves at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas during the 18-19 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Given that both teams are in the Pacific Division, they seem to be playing each other constantly. Last year’s four regular season meetings, and a lengthy seven game playoff series in the first round of the 18-19 Stanley Cup Playoffs, as well as multiple preseason games and the first two games of the 19-20 regular season, the teams have gotten to know each other very well over the last few seasons, and both team and personal feuds continue to grow.

On Saturday, Vegas forward Ryan Reaves made an appearance on Hockey Night In Canada, and the subject of his ongoing feud with San Jose star Evander Kane was no stranger in the topics of discussion.

Reaves, who has no problems stoking the flames, was asked about his mutual disdain for Kane over the last nine years, and was more than happy to open up about it; “It might be longer than nine years — we didn’t like each other in junior,” said Reaves. “I think it kind of started early in my career, him running around and then I’d challenge him. He always tells me he’s going to beat me up, but would never fight me. And it was just that constant — him chirping, chirping, chirping and never doing anything about it. One time, it was pre-season, he waited until the refs came in and he sucker-punched me over the refs, and that’s just kind of what he always does. It may be 14 years in the making there, (or)15.”

As one can probably imagine, San Jose’s Evander Kane took to the internet with a response for Reaves;

When asked about the banter fueled fued, the Vegas star said he’s all in;

“I love it, I like watching that stuff in other sports — there’s not a lot of it in hockey. I love the hatred in sports, it makes it a little more interesting. I wish there was a little more in hockey to be honest.”

What’s quickly become one of the most intense battles in the league will set the fireworks off again November 21st for their third meeting of the regular season. Vegas has won the first four meetings between them thus far, taking both preseason and the first two regular season games in a dominant fashion. Their next meeting is sure to be a must-watch.
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