Doughty says his remark about Canucks were twisted; calls reporter an idiot

5 novembre 2019
Drew Doughty's remarks regarding the Vancouver Canucks following an 8-2 loss to the team early in the season became the focus of many articles. It also led to Vancouver selling a t-shirt with "Team like That" written on it above the Canucks logo. Now, Doughty is attempting to clarify his comments and, in the process, regarded the reporter who initially transcribed them as "an idiot."

Here's a look at what Doughty said following the 8-2 loss to Vancouver on October 10th.

"I mean, I ain't going to park it. It's just embarrassing. I mean, a team like that should not be beating a team like ours 8-2. There's actually no way."

Back to the present, Doughty told reporters Tuesday that "the guy's an idiot that made all that happen. What I was trying to say there is they're a young team, we're an old team, and we lost the game like 8-1 (it was 8-2) and that's just ridiculous for a veteran team. Just standard people making it run."

"If you guys want us to be able to say things and be honest with you and then you're going to go run with it and just get attacked by it, we're just going to stop talking."

Meanwhile, the reporter who initially ran with Doughty's comments on Vancouver says there was no misquoting.

"We have the audio and have run it many many times. He said what he said. And there’s really no misunderstanding his intention. He’s free to regret saying it. But he shouldn’t. It’s sports, they’re rivals, who cares?," said Blake Price of TSN on Twitter.

Do you think Doughty's remarks on Vancouver were misinterpreted by the media?
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