Arizona fires back at Sportsnet and Oilers after team dubbed 'boring'

6 novembre 2019
It likely wasn't the response Sportsnet writer Mark Spector was expecting to get. Following a 3-2 Edmonton overtime loss to the Coyotes Monday night, Spector, who covers the Oilers for Sportsnet, wrote an article in which he disparaged Arizona's playing style. Check out some of his quotes:
There are high-event teams, there are high-flying teams, and there are high-wire acts like Connor McDavid, Elias Pettersson or, of late, Brad Marchand.

Then there is the Arizona Coyotes. Low event, low excitement, low value for the ticket buyer, and a perennial low finisher in the National Hockey League standings.

Boring? Calling the Coyotes boring does a disservice to tedium. It’s like calling the Stanley Cup a spittoon.
Even Oilers defenceman Oscar Klefbom got in on the action in the article.
“It is a bit boring,” agreed Oilers defenceman Oscar Klefbom, “but teams are going to do that to us. We come with a lot of speed, and we have some guys who like to carry the puck in and create some things off the rush.

“They’re a really boring team to play, but we’ve got to find a way to beat that.”
Now, the radio station Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, which is closely affiliated with the Coyotes team, has issued a scathing and sarcastic response to Spector's article, "apologizing" for the team's style of play.
We would like to issue an apology on behalf of the Arizona Coyotes.

You know, that team that’s 9-4-1 and beat the Edmonton Oilers on Monday night with a goal off the rush in overtime. Sportsnet’s Mark Spector explained to us all that the Coyotes, while they emerged victorious, were too boring.

We’re sorry that the Coyotes had the audacity to clog up the neutral zone and the blue line and play defense. In the future, they should consider playing defense, but, just … I don’t know, just do it differently.

We’re sorry that, as you correctly pointed out, the Coyotes are not only boring now, but they’ve been boring for years. Yes, a recent coach of theirs was Dave Tippett, who now coaches the team who you posit as the victim of allegedly-boring play. But I mean, so what?

The Coyotes should be more like the Edmonton Oilers, who have been the model franchise the past decade by finishing with a sub-.500 point percentage nine of the last 10 years and getting the first overall draft pick four times since 2010.

As you note, Mark Spector, the Coyotes haven’t had a history of abundant playoff success. They should take after the Oilers, who have been to the playoffs twice in the last 15 seasons.

Both the Oilers and the Coyotes have had good starts to the season, but only one has done so with any honor or integrity.
The Coyotes have, indeed, had a very good start to the season, one of their best in years in fact, with a record of 9-4-2. They currently sit two points behind the Oilers for top place in the Pacific Division, but have a game in hand.

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