McKenzie: Leafs were 'unfair' to Hutchinson

12 novembre 2019
Michael Hutchinson's stats can definitely be used as justification for the Toronto Maple Leafs giving anyone else a chance as back up to Frederik Andersen. Hutchinson had a dismal record of 0-4-1 in his first five games with the Leafs this season, with a 4.44 goals against average and a save percentage of .879. None of that looks good in any way. However, at least one person believes Hutchinson didn't get a fair shake from the team.

Shortly after Toronto put the goalie on waivers, TSN Insider Bob McKenzie took to Twitter to give his thoughts on the situation.

"For what it's worth, although his record/numbers suggest otherwise, this is massively unfair to Hutchinson. Toronto backup goalie faces a massively high bar because the backup always gets the second game of back-to-backs and, goaltending aside, Toronto skaters are lousy in back-to-backs."

"It’s obviously easier to waive Hutchinson and roll dice with [Kasimir] Kaskisuo than it is to waive the five skaters on the ice for Patrick Kane’s 3-1 goal [Sunday] night, where he and the Hawks walked in from a centre ice faceoff and never got touched by a Leaf defender. I’m not sure Hutchinson is a capable NHL back up goalie but playing him only in game two of back-to-backs in front of a team that collapses in front of him, well..."

There is something to be said for McKenzie's assessment of the situation. As for Kaskisuo, he has been called up to the NHL by Toronto and will likely get his first taste of NHL action soon as Toronto has back-to-back games scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

Meanwhile, Hutchinson has cleared waivers and will report to the Toronto Marlies.

Do you think the Leafs were unfair Hutchinson?
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