Stars Coach apologizes for singling out Seguin and Benn; players respond

12 novembre 2019
Following the Stars' 3-2 overtime loss to the Winnipeg Jets on Sunday, Dallas head coach Jim Montgomery expressed frustrations with his two highest-paid players. While Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn weren't mentioned by name, it was clear the statements were aimed at the duo directly.

When asked if he was disappointed with the scoring of his top players, Montgomery kept it very brief and to the point.

"Very disappointed," he said.

He was then asked if he was seeing signs of progress.

"No. Are you?"

Coach Montgomery also noted; "I don't think they're driving pucks too often. In general, our team, not driving pucks to hard areas enough."

Montgomery now says he has apologized to the team and his two star forwards for singling them out. The head coach made the following statement; "I was emotional after the game and I made a mistake. We win as a team. We lose as a team. And not that I said their names, but everyone can figure out that I was disappointed, you know, with the outcome of the game. And again my mistake and I apologized to the team today and I apologized to them [Benn and Seguin.]

Jamie Been commented on the apology: "He's right, there needs to be more expectations out of myself. We didn't need an apology. It's hockey, we're all grown men around here. Leave it at that, we're moving on."

Seguin also commented; "Coaches are allowed to say that stuff. I'm not losing sleep over it. I'm a great judge of my game to and I know I'm not playing well. Obviously results are needed in this game, it's a results business, and the results aren't there right now."

The Dallas Stars alternate captain also commented in regards to team play.

"You'd like to see more offense. That's a question for the coach, not me. I'd like to have more offense. The system is the system and when you are winning games you are happy. I don't care of I get 0 goals or 60 goals."

The Stars have had their fair share of frustration since opening day, going 1-7-1 through their first 9 games. Since the rough start, things have began to look up for the team, getting points in eight of the last nine games. However, Seguin and Benn are still struggling to get points. Both players were scoreless on Sunday against Winnipeg, marking the 14th time in 18 games that the star duo have not found the back of the net. Benn tied a career-high this season, going 13 games without a goal. Seguin has only one goal in the last 14 games. Benn has yet to score at even strength this season, while Seguin has yet to score on the power play.

As the leading duo and back bone of the Dallas Stars organization, it's understandable that frustrations are mounting in Texas. .

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