Cherry on MacLean's apology: 'He buried me'

12 novembre 2019
Don Cherry is making it clear that he isn't happy with his former Coach's Corner partner Ron MacLean. Cherry says MacLean's apology the next day following Cherry's rant on Remembrance Day and poppies "buried" him.

"Very disappointing," Cherry told Global News on Tuesday. "We're still friends, but I was very disappointed in the way he handled it. I don't want to go and condemn him or anything like that, but I was very disappointed."

MacLean, who had been hosting Coach's Corner on Hockey Night in Canada with Cherry since 1986, took to Twitter on Sunday to apologize for Cherry's remarks and for not responding to them on-air. He later apologized on the air, calling Cherry's remarks "hurtful," "discriminatory," and "flat-out wrong. MacLean added that he sat there and did not respond when he should have.

Cherry was fired from Sportsnet on Remembrance Day after saying "You people that come here, you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple of bucks for poppies or something like that."

Cherry told Global News he intended to apologize on the next edition of Coach's Corner, but was never given the chance.

"I was ready to apologize," he told Global News. "I was gonna put out a tweet, or whatever they do, saying I was wrong and I think it could have smoothed over pretty good. But that's the way they wanted it and that's the way it goes."

Still, he insists he was not singling out any specific group of people, and that everyone should wear a poppy for Remembrance Day. He did say he probably would have used different words if he could do it again.

Cherry had worked in broadcasting since 1981. He began Coach's Corner in 1982 with then co-host Dave Hodges. Hodges was suspended and eventually quit CBC in 1986 after he had an outburst on-air when Hockey Night in Canada decided to end its program rather than go to a game that was in overtime. That was when MacLean took over.

Do you agree with Cherry that MacLean's apology "buried" him?
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