Toronto GM Kyle Dubas says hockey lacks diversity

16 novembre 2019
Kyle Dubas, GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs, says he wants to see more diversity in hockey, and adds it starts in his team's front office. Dubas took part in a panel earlier this week on hockey related topics that included a question and answer session from the audience. One of those questions was about diversity in hockey.

"I think that other sports have done a far better job than hockey has in that regard," said Dubas, after citing a recent media report about the lack of diversity in hockey. "What I would say is that I know that our team was at the top of the list with about 16 per cent of our front office staff being women."

Dubas added that hiring people with a wide array of backgrounds his helpful to his team.

"Having more women and more general diversity on our staff, where people come from, their race, their sexual orientation, their gender, has been such a massive benefit to us and the way that we think," said Dubas. "The diversity of not only all of that, but also the diversity of thought and the way that they add various different levels of thinking to everything that we're doing.

"If someone comes from a different place, they come from a different background, they have a different way of looking at every issue."

Dubas went on to say that other sports outside of hockey don't seem to have the same issue when looking to hire people with diverse backgrounds.

"The one issue that we have with the hockey team that I know the other teams (in other sports) don't have, because I think they are more diverse sports, they're more diverse entities, is that when we put out a job for application it's stunning to me the lack of diverse applicants we get," said Dubas. "It's almost predominantly white males and then white females."

Diversity in hockey has been hotly debated this week after Don Cherry was fired from Sportsnet for making comments on immigrants wearing poppies, while CTV's The Social co-host Jess Allen said that hockey players "all tended to be white boys who weren't, let's say, very nice."

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