Button: Leafs' coaching situation is a 'code red'

17 novembre 2019
TSN analyst Craig Button is making it clear that he believes there's only one person who can take the bulk of the blame for the Toronto Maple Leafs' woes as of late, and that's head coach Mike Babcock.

"The head coach is responsible for implementing the systems of team play, five-on-five, powerplay, penalty killing," said Button. "It would be [different] if one thing was going wrong; everything is out of joint. And it's been going on not for the last five games, not for the 22 games this year, but since last Christmas."

Button goes on to explain the Leafs record in the last 67 games is 30-27-10, which he says is "simply not good enough." He says the coach is responsible for all these issues, and Babcock isn't getting it done.

"It's not about working hard, [the team] is working hard. But they are working hard in the wrong way and with the wrong system. So to me, it's clearly the view that you better look at the coach and you have to consider changing him. End of story."

"You know what? This is a code red, that's what this situation is, a code red," added Button.

Button would not speculate on whether Babcock would last until the end of the Leafs's current six game road trip, which they opened last night with a 6-1 loss to Pittsburgh. He would only say this is what Toronto GM Kyle Dubas has to consider.

"There's no excuses here. It's not about back-to-backs, or backup goaltenders or injuries," said Button, adding that Pittsburgh came in to Toronto with a backup goaltender and injuries to key players and the Leafs still got "steamrolled."

Button went on the explain that the Leafs currently have 22 points in 22 games. Given that 98 points were needed last season to make the playoffs, Toronto will need a fantastic win percentage in the final 67 games of the season just to make that mark. He also says anyone comparing this to the St. Louis Blues situation from last year, where the team went from last place in the league to winning the Stanley Cup, is dead wrong. He says St. Louis simply had a goaltending issue that the team fixed. He says the Leafs' issues run much deeper than that.

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