David Backes nearing return to Bruins line-up, still showing concern for Scott Sabourin

1 décembre 2019
If you saw the Bruins host the Ottawa Senators on Nov. 2nd, surely you saw the play.

As veteran Boston forward David Backes tried to pass the puck from the Bruins end, he was abruptly met by Ottawa’s Scott Sabourin, a 27 year old right winger, eager to make a name for himself as a hard-knocks style player.

See the collision here;

Both Backes and Sabourin suffered injuries from the contact and neither have played since the incident, but Sabourin suffered the worst of it.

The Sens’ right wing had to be stretchered off the ice at T.D. Garden after laying seemingly unconscious for some time. As he lay there, leaving the crowd in wonder, long time NHL veteran David Backes dropped to a knee with a wall of emotion building up in his eye.

Being around as long as Backes has, he knew the situation wasn’t good for Sabourin, and the concern was written all over his face.

Sabourin would be taken off the ice and tended to by medical experts.

Backes would do the same, as he too was rattled on the play.

On Saturday, Backes addressed the media for the first time since the incident. He has been recovering from the incident and is nearing closer to a return to the Bruins line-up. However, a primary concern for the veteran seems to be the condition of Scott Sabourin.

Backes told the press that at the time of the incident he feared Sabourin was “critically” injured.

He went on to say “It was heavy. With the incident earlier with (Roman) Polak being stretchered off (in Dallas on Oct. 3), it was tough to see anybody stretchered off the ice. You’re all kind of, in the end, a fraternity of guys playing this sport and loving this sport, and nobody wants to see anybody injured.”

He continued regarding Sabourin and the contact;

“To be part of a collision, and I saw (Sabourin) down there, and I saw blood coming from his mouth, his nose, his eye and he wasn’t moving … I’ve seen guys knocked out quite a few times and after 15 or 20 seconds they start to get the twitches or they wake up wondering where they are. It’s scary, but it seemed to me like he was out for minutes.

I was really fearful that he was critically injured and he needed significant help. As he started moving, that (reaction) subsided a little bit, but my vision wasn’t great and I knew I was a little messed-up from the contact as well and I needed to go take care of myself as well.”

As Backes spoke on the injury, it was clear that he felt both senses of guilt regarding the contact and relief to learn that Sabourin is recovering well.

“I got the message that he was responsive. It was kind of perspective-giving in that, if that’s me on the ice, my wife and my parents and my kids are seeing that … I didn’t know Scott from anybody in the world before that incident.

He’s got a fiancée, his parents were watching, he’s a hometown Ottawa kid and that’s gotta be extremely scary and I feel for all those people and, at the same time, worried about my own health with a long history of hits like that happen. I’ve been in good hands. The guys that have gone through 12 years of (medical) schooling tell me I’m ready to go and I’m excited.”

Relieved to hear that Sabourin is recovering, in addition to receiving green lights from his doctors and medical staff, Backes seems to be in good spirits and eager to make his return to the Boston line-up.

“I feel like more myself and I couldn’t be happier to now be a full go and hopefully playing contact hockey against a different team in short order.”

Sabourin has yet to return to the Ottawa line-up, but is back on the ice, skating and preparing for his return. It seems he and Backes both can’t wait for his return to the Senators group.

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