Sean Avery has a very different response than many while revealing a coach kicked him hard

1 décembre 2019
Sean Avery, one of the best agitators and possibly one of the most hated players to ever play in the NHL, is recounting his own incident of receiving a hard kick from a coach. Stories of coaches getting physical with players have come to light a lot recently as many are revealing incidents they see as crossing a line.

Avery tells the New York Post he was playing under Marc Crawford with the LA Kings on December 23rd of 2006 when he was responsible for the Kings getting a too many men on the ice penalty. LA was playing Nashville at the time, and the Predators scored on the penalty, going on to win the game 7-0.

"You know how I stand at the end of the bench? He (Crawford) came down and gave me an ass kick that left a mark," Avery told the Post.

Avery indicated he's more surprised than upset over the incident, which seem to be a much different response than many others are having regarding their own tales of being kicked and/or punched by coaches.

Less than two months after, Avery was traded to the New York Rangers for the first time. He says the kick was not the reason why.

“That was because I squared off with and tried to fight Mark Hardy, who was one of our assistant coaches, on the ice," said Avery.

“Matty Norstrom saved his life.”

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