Former NHL enforcer Kelly Chase jumps to the defense of coaches; calls out Carcillo

1 décembre 2019
Kelly Chase, who played close to 500 games in the NHL and was well known for fighting and PIMs, is coming to the defense of coaches, specifically the Sutters, after reports of abuse and manipulation have surfaced over the last week or so. In doing so, Chase also decided to call out Dan Carcillo, a former NHLer who has been reporting incidents of perceived abuse on Twitter.

Chase, who is probably best known for six seasons with the St. Louis Blues in two separate stints, said on Twitter that the Sutter brothers are tremendous people.

"Thought long and hard about this," said Chase, I’ve always been a person who stuck up for his friends. I’m not sure how anyone else views the Sutters either coaching or as players but I know they’ve done a tremendous amount for a lot of people and are a huge reason why many have had success."

Chase is also disappointed more of the brothers' former players are doing the same as he is.

"And I may be missing it and I know everyone is nervous in today’s world about saying anything but I am shocked more of Darryl‘s players haven’t come to his side."

"Lastly I need a clear conscience. I was called fat, a cement head , cement hands, and a goon . And guess what, I don’t blame any league, the NHL or any of the players who said it," said Chase.

Chase then turned his sites on Carcillo, who has been making claims of abuse, among other things, against several coaches, including the Sutters.

"Listen kid," said Chase, directing his comments right at Carcillo. "You have your views and your opinions and you’re putting them out there, that’s fine. You’re not convincing me that these are bad people. There’s an overwhelming amount of our colleagues that don’t agree with you and are sitting on their hands and that’s the real shame."

According to Carcillo, the Western Hockey League (WHL) had knowledge of inappropriate actions taking place and chose to ignore the situation in an attempt to keep the Sutter family name from being tarnished. He claims the issues are related to alcohol abuse under the age of majority, both verbal and physical abuse, and also sexual abuse that occurred at a rookie party.

Carcillo did respond to Chase saying "Ok dad. I’m not trying to convince you of anything. I’m advocating for change for the victims of abuse at the hands of the very people you defend. It says a lot about you and the “overwhelming amount of colleagues” who agree with you. You’re a part of the problem.

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