App allows players to anonymously review coaches, agents

2 décembre 2019
Given everything that's been made public recently regarding former NHL coaches Mike Babcock, Michel Therrien, Marc Crawford and Bill Peters, among others, business may start to pick up on an app created by a defenseman in the AHL. Josh Healey, who plays on the Milwaukee Admirals, an affiliate of the Nashville Predators, believes The Sports Aux allows players to review coaches and agent without damaging their careers.

Healey launched the app back in January of this year. It has attracted 3,500 users so far, mostly players in the American Hockey League, ECHL, junior hockey or the college ranks.

"There is no real accountability for agents or coaches, and I think with everything that is going on now, we now know things are happening,” Healey told USA Today Sports. “A lot of guys don’t want to speak up for obvious reasons – they don’t want to be the guy who has his career hurt because of one instance, particularly when they are young."

Healey states players using the app must go through a process to confirm that they are indeed who they say they are. Once that process is complete, they can leave anonymous reviews. Only players who have gone through the verification process can review coaches and agents. According to USA Today Sports, the vast majority of reviews of coaches currently on the app are very positive. However, there are some negative ones. Some snippets include:

“Has a hard time communicating with his players in a professional, organized manner."

“Not liked by most of the players on the team…I don’t even think he even enjoys hockey, not sure why he does it.”

One coach involved in college hockey was accused of having no integrity, something another player on the app agreed with, while another player said a current NHL assistant coach "made me hate hockey."

Healey initially created the app after a negative experience with an agent. And while he believes most reviews on it would fall under "constructive criticism", he does view it as a way for abusive coaches to be exposed without players possibly harming their careers.

According to The Sports Aux website, the app also allowed agents, coaches, scouts and hockey fans to track, follow and create specific player lists.

Source: USA Today Sports
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