Mark Borowiecki intercepts robber who attempts to flee the scene of the crime

2 décembre 2019
When the Ottawa Senators travelled to Vancouver on Sunday, ahead of Tuesday's matchup against the Canucks, you can bet that the last thing Mark Borowiecki planned to do was to take up crime-fighting. Fortunately for one lucky vehicle owner, that's exactly what Boro did.

According to reports, the Sens defenseman witnessed a perpetrator break into a parked vehicle and attempt to flee the scene on a bycicle with a bag in tow, which was believed to contain passports. Borowiecki sprung into action and clotheslined the assailant off of his bike, wrestled him to the ground and recovered the stolen property, before notifying the authorities.

In a statement, following the act of bravery from the 30-year-old Ottawa native, the Vancouver police said they were grateful for Borowiecki's assistance in retrieving the stolen items, re-affirming that anyone who witnesses a crime should report it to the Vancouver Police Department immediately and stay safe.

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